About Us

During a summer weekend trip to Bend, Or. in 2012, JJ Chaiseeha, owner of the Bai Tong chain restaurants in the Seattle area, had immediately fell in love with Bend’s beautiful landscape, budding arts, and cultural scenes. JJ was inspired to bring the delicate authentic Thai tastes and elegant fine dining to this community, and thus the first Noi Thai Cuisine was officially born later the same year to become Bend’s newest Thai food destination!  Noi Thai Cuisine offers a variety of traditional Thai dishes that will please the palate and transport you straight to the heart of southeast Asia. Family style or individual.


Noi Thai Cuisine continues the tradition of the Bai Tong family of restaurant in Seattle, which began as a favorite stopover for Thai Airways crews at Sea-Tac airport. Come and experience the best of the best at Noi Thai Cuisine.

Our team is our best asset

From our chefs, waiters, bartenders, and managers – they are all top talents, experts in creating a vitalizing experience for our customers.

Our Team

Chaiseeha’s family and Lapangkura’s family have always had a passion for true authentic Thai cuisine and a strong inspiration to bring these various traditional Thai tastes for the world to experience. In addition to the traditional Thai culinary, they decided to offer “royal” Thai dishes to its fine dining menu, which is known for its refinement, cooking techniques, presentation, ingredient, and flavors to serve the Thai Royal Family.

Our team has been building a reputation of authenticity and excellence of traditional Thai cuisine since 1989. Noi Thai Cuisine is committed to stay true to the culinary culture and influences of Thailand.

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Meet Our Culinary Experts

Settapong Nilket, Executive Chef

My name is Settapong Nilket, but I go by “Pag”. I am the new head Chef here at Noi. Ever since I was a little boy growing up in Thailand I always knew that I wanted to be a Chef one day, now here I am! I came to America about 3 years ago to pursue my dream. Following my path I attended Culinary School until having to return to Thailand, but I knew that one day I would comeback to the USA. After returning from Thailand I settled in Seattle Washington and worked as a Chef at Bai Tong restaurant. Last August I had the opportunity to move to Bend and help open Noi, what an experience that was; I will always look back at that time as a wonderful experience.

Now, as the Head Chef, I have created a new lunch menu for your enjoyment with authentic dishes for you to experience. I hope that you will feel free to stop by the kitchen anytime to give me your food for thought! I am always learning and hope to learn from your experiences. I promise to put my heart and soul in every dish I prepare for you.

Thank you for dining with us, have a tasty day!

Chef Pag, Settapong Nilket